The Hall of Fame will contain various landmark performances since its inception of the 3 Peaks Mountain Race (The Classic 26.5km). This will include number of times run, number of times an athletes has won the race, those who have broken 2 hours (Male and Female) and those who have broken 2 Hours 30 minutes (Female only). We do not have all the results – there are some years missing however we have done the best we could with the information presently available. We will also be featuring stats from the 3 Peaks + 1 event in a separate section here

Classic 26.5 km Sub 2 hours (Female & Male)

Chip Dunkley198501:58:40
Russell Hurring199201:57:21
Andrew Pesket199401″54:28
Aaron Strong199501:53:16
Blair Martin199501:55:32
Paul McRae199501:56:39
Craig Grant199501:58:02
Ian Thomas200001:59:05
Andrew Peskett200101:58:04
Joe Piggin200301:56:46
Eddie Smith200301:59:45
Chris Sole200301:59:58
Stafford Thompson200501:59:27
John Winsbury200701:56:28
Dougal Thorburn201001:55:44
Dougal Thorburn201201:57:41

Classic 26.5 km Sub 2 hours 30 minutes (Female only)

Judy Stewart199202:23:02
Judy Knight (nee Stewart)199302:29:14
Joanne Burkett199502:18:30
Shireen Crumpton199902:09:23
Shireen Crumpton200002:13:38
Fiona McKee200102:22:43
Shireen Crumpton200202:19:28
Shireen Crumpton200302:09:53
Anna Frost200302:28:26
Jenny Mark200302:29:19
Alison Bradshaw200402:29:58
Sarah Chisnall200502:11:22
Shireen Crumpton200502:14:17
Sarah Chisnall200602:12:00
Sue Cuthbert200702:29:49
Sue Cuthbert200802:24:35
Sarah Chisnall201002:19:56
Sarah Chisnall201402:26:35
Louisa Andrew201402:28:14
Sarah Chisnall201502:25:39
Mel Aitken201602:29:23