26km 3 Peaks Mountain Race Course Best Times (2010 onwards)

See further below for pre-2010 Best Times

GradeNameYearTime (H:M:S)
OpenDougal Thorburn201001:55:44
Male Open 20-34Dougal Thorburn201001:55:44
Female Open 20-34Sarah Chisnall201002:19:56
Male Masters 35-49Norman Dunroy201002:04:33
Female Masters 35-49Louisa Andrew201402:28:14
Male Veterans 50-59Norman Dunroy201702:14:37
Female Veterans 50-59 New Best TimeCorinne Zeller 202403:04:15
Female Veterans 50-59 Previous Best TimePrue Orchiston202003:10:57
Male Gurus 60+Andrew Sutherland202102:46:58
Female Gurus 60+Cilla Dickinson20233:22:35
Male Gurus 70+ Peter Ford202203:16:43
Male Junior U20 New Best TimeGeorge Hamilton202402:14:36
Male Junior U20 Previous Best TimeAlex Braun20232:25:13
Female Junior U20Mandy Lowther202202:52:05
Male TeamOllie O’ Sullivan and Elliot O’ Sullivan201002:06:12
Female TeamDeborah Lynch and Susannah Lynch201402:30:07
Mixed TeamVictoria Beck and Matt Bixley201302:21:11

55km 3 Peaks + 1 Mountain Race Course Best Times (from 2021)

GradeNameYearTime (H:M:S)
OpenWeston Hill20234:54:58
Male Open 18-34Weston Hill20234:54:58
Female Open 18-34Ruth Croft202205:33:30
Male Masters 35-49 New Best TimeDwight Grieve202405:25:26
Male Masters 35-49 Previous Best TimeChris Bisley202105:27:11
Female Masters 35-49Margie Campbell20235:54:53
Male Junior U20James Merwood202406:59:12
Male Veterans 50-59 New Best TimeManfred Oswald202406:29:30
Male Veterans 50-59 Previous Best TimeJohn Bayne20236:30:18
Female Veterans 50-59Prue Orchiston20238:02:33
Male Gurus 60+Ian McDonald202308:22:51
Female Gurus 60+ New Best TimeRuth Jeffery 202408:50:53
Female Gurus 60+ Previous Best TimeAli Barbara202110:13:26

52km 3 Peaks +1 Mountain Race Course Best Times (for the year 2020 only)

GradeNameYearTime (H:M:S)
Open RecordChris Bisley20205:20:05
Open MaleLewis Latham20205:22:33
Open FemaleSharon Lequeux20206:02:39
Masters Male 40-49Chris Bisley20205:20:05
Masters Female 40-49Emily Sterk20207:30:53
Masters Male 50-59Michael Pullar20206:27:08
Masters Female 50-59No finishers2020
Masters Male 60+Malcolm Law20207:47:12
Masters Female 60+Ali Barbara20209:40:40

11km Race the Summit Course Best Times

From Woodhaugh start to Swampy Summit 2013-2015, 2017-2018, 2020-2021 (2016 was in reverse order Chingford Pk – Swampy Summit, there were no Race the Summits in 2019 and 2022 – see 2023 for new course

GradeNameYearTime (H:M:S)
OpenNeale McLanachan201301:02:12
Male OpenNeale McLanachan201301:02:12
Female OpenAllister Meffan201401:05:08

11km Race Over the Summit Course Best Times

From Leith Valley Overbridge start then over Mt Cargill Summit to finish at Chingford Park 2023 – onwards

GradeNameYearTime (H:M:S)
Open New Best TiimeLeon Miyahara202400:51:08
Open Previous Best TimeDanny Baillie202300:53:46
Male Open New Best TimeLeon Miyahara202400:51:08
Male Open Previous Best TimeDanny Baillie202300:53:46
Female OpenBecky De La Harpe202300:57:22

26km 3 Peaks Course Best Times – Pre-2010

GradeNameYearTime (H:M:S)
OpenAaron Strong199501:53:16
Male Open 20-34Aaron Strong199501:53:16
Female Open 20-34Shireen Crumpton199902:09:23
Male Masters 35-49Chris Sole200301:59:58
Female Masters 35-49Sue Cuthbert200802:24.35
Male Veterans 50-59Chris Sole200902:16.14
Female Veterans 50-59Vivien Eyers200702:40:54
Male Junior U20Angus Taylor20052:10:45
GradeNameStart-SwampyNameSwampy-FinishYearTime (H:M:S)
Male TeamGeoff Williamson00:59.21Bevan Stevens01:00.27200801:59.48
Female TeamKatherine Smyth01:01:35Alice Baker01:20:34200402:22:09
Mixed TeamShireen Crumpton00:59.24Clinton Coker01:09.35200902:08.59